Friday, June 28, 2013

Training Class Inspiration

So, we have to go to professional development classes over the summer.  I chose to attend one at the local community college because I figured I needed some better background knowledge for our science units. The professor decided to take us on a field trip to our local beach which was great because my brain has switched to "Summer Mode." Despite the fact that  I was hot (I don't like being hot!), I had some inspiration. I decided to take pictures of the examples of erosion and deposition so the students can make connections to something right here near us! Not exactly life changing, but maybe something the students will keep in their memory banks! My thoughts are to make several 8" x 10" copies of each picture. I will just have the students put their "Scientist Thinking Caps(this sounds like another project)" on to brainstorm with tables or partners what they notice about the pictures and discuss. (I'm thinking this will be done after we have already introduced these concepts.) Then, using the pictures, the students can brainstorm their own definitions for erosion, deposition, and transport. Scientists in the making!! I think this will increase their understanding and make it more memorable.  I downloaded the pictures here because they are also nice to look at. :)  There are some other ideas swirling around in my head, and I will share those when I have a better grasp on it! Meanwhile, what ideas do you have? Leave a comment. Thanks!



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