Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fun Day for Mail

I was so excited to see two boxes in the mail today! Some of the things I have been waiting for came today! First, the Classroom Friendly Supplies pencil sharpener! I am so excited about this new classroom tool. I tried to explain it to my 15 year old, but I think he was just being nice and listened to me ramble!:) You can click this link to order one for yourself: Classroom Friendly Supplies. I think we both will save 5%!

Next, I received the AR "Brag Tags" that I ordered from imagestuff. I love using these as an incentive for AR. Everyone starts with the "Reading Rocks" tags, then they collect beads for every five points. I use green, blue, white, and gold beads! They get to wear their necklaces on Fridays. The students really loved these last year!

Yay! So excited about these items! These are not endorsements, just things I use in my classroom.
Happy Wednesday!:)

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