Friday, July 5, 2013

Blog Fever!

So, I have been trying to get my blog just right since I have more time during the summer than during the school year. It is definitely a learning process, and I am learning more about html and coding to get everything the way I want it. My next task is to figure out how to make a button and get a fancier title for my page. In the meantime, I am satisfied that I have been able to add a favicon, bloglovin' button, and a custom signature! Isn't it cute? Do you have any blogging tips to share?

Oh, I have made some cute items for my classroom, too! I made some absentee folders to use when my students are absent. It is a place where I can put work that they missed, and they will notice it on their desk when they return. I saw the idea on Pinterest. I used one that was already made(, and I made one that fits my Rock and Roll theme. I purchased the Rock and Roll graphics from Thistle Girl Designs last summer. ( They turned out cute, I think!

Also, I made a cute Homework club project based on ideas from, I totally copied it, but only because it is so cute!!) I included a picture so you can see what it looks like. Basically, each student is assigned a number and uses that number all year for homework. If the student completes and turns in homework for a month, then they get to eat lunch in the room. If the student completes and turns in homework all year, then they get to attend a party(ice cream, pizza, etc.) You can use it to accommodate the needs of your class and use what motivates them as well. Super cute!

I feel a little scattered as I am also trying to organize my daughter's room at the moment! Where did all that 'stuff' come from? Hopefully, she and I will be happy with the end result.:) Have a great weekend!
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