Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tune into Technology Linky: I-Pads & Southern Roots

Okay, my title post is about two totally unrelated thoughts! First, I am excited to link up with the Tune into Technology Linky with i teach 1:1. I really love using I-Pads in the classroom and the students do, too. I have three programs to share with you that I used in my classroom this year and plan to use again!

1. Scribble Press: This is a great program for writing! Students are able to create books and add clipart, drawings, and pictures to their work. The writing can be saved in a gallery to be viewed and read later. My students really enjoyed writing their own books. You can learn more about it on their website: Scribble Press

2. NearPod: Basically, you can put together a multimedia presentation that allows students to follow along. You have the capability to insert questions and get immediate feedback on the students' responses. So, you can do quick formative assessments as you are going through the lesson. It is just a different way to present a lesson, and the students always love to use I-Pads. You control the pace of the lesson, and it lets you keep track of whether a student has logged off of the program. You can access the website here: Nearpod

3. I really like using QR codes in the classroom. Here are a couple of ways that I used them. In science, I created QR codes for various websites about ecosystems. The students worked in pairs to answer questions from each website to review ecosystems. They rotated around the room to access the different QR codes. The questions were based on Bloom's Taxonomy(so they used their higher level thinking skills). I also used QR codes in math. Students were given measurement conversion questions and scanned the QR codes that I created to check their answers. I'm not sure which QR application we have on the I-Pads at school, but there are several free apps. Also, there are several QR code generating websites.(just Google it) It is really easy to do!

Now for the second part of my post and the reason for my Southern Roots title. I really craved some comfort food for dinner. I am from the South so we had fried chicken, fried okra(the only way to eat it & it is only available fresh for a short while), homemade macaroni and cheese, and corn on the cob. Before everyone tells me how unhealthy it is...let me family rarely eats fried food. We usually eat healthy, and I grill or bake the chicken. So, tonight was something I do once or twice a year. The chicken turned out beautiful, so I thought I would post a picture.:) Back to healthy eating tomorrow!

Hope you enjoyed the post!

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  1. That picture has me salivating! I LOVE fried chicken but like you, I try to only make it on rare occasions. I hope you'll link up with us on 8/1 to share more about how you use QR codes.:)
    iTeach 1:1

    1. I love fried chicken, too! I am looking forward to the 8/1 link about QR codes.