Friday, July 26, 2013

Primary Possibilities Classroom Themepack Giveaway & Liebster Again

First, I wanted to tell you about Primary Possibilities' really great classroom theme packs. They are so cute, and the best part is they are doing a giveaway!!!:) You don't want to miss these cute packs. Head on over to their blog to see what I am talking about.

Primary Possibilities

Next, I wanted to thank Sunny in Kindergarten for my third Liebster nomination! I am truly honored. I wanted to take the time to answer the eleven questions she created for her nominees. Thanks again so much!!

1. What is your teaching background? I taught preschool for 2 1/2 years. This is my fourth year teaching fourth grade.

2. What is your favorite season? I love autumn/fall because it is so beautiful to watch the leaves change colors.

3. How did you think of your blog name? I live at the beach which I love, and I also love teaching fourth grade. Therefore, I combined the two for A Day at the Beach with Fourth Grade.

4. What is your morning routine? I have two children so sometimes it varies. For the most part, I shower, then eat breakfast, fix lunch(during the school year), and then head out. During the summer, I don't really have a routine.

5. Your favorite vacation has been? and why? Last summer, my daughter, my parents, and I drove from N.C. to Texas. It was so fun because we made stops along the way in every state. Also, I had never been to Texas. I really enjoyed the Alamo and the San Antonio Riverwalk.

6. What was your favorite field trip as a student? In eighth grade, we went to Six Flags in Georgia.

7. What teaching item can you not live without? I could not live without the document camera/Smartboard.

8. Why did you become a teacher? I feel that education is important to everyone and for many reasons! Also, I admired my teachers and saw what a difference they truly made in my life and others.

9. Where did you go to college? N.C. State University

10. Favorite place to shop? and Why? The Loft because I love their clothes, and I can always find my size!

11. When is your favorite time to blog? I blog whenever I have the time, but if I could always choose then probably at night.
Thanks again for the nomination! Don't forget to checkout Primary Possibilities! I am off to do some Crossfit and dye some clothespins for the next Monday Made It!

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  1. Congrats on your award. My school is getting document cameras. I'm looking for ideas how to use my document camera.

    1. Thanks, Gina! There are so many uses for the document camera. I generally use it for shared reading, modeling, reviewing, etc. It allows everyone in the class to see. Also, you can capture images and save it to your computer for later use. If it has the rotating arm, then you can flip it over/up and the students feel like they are on TV when they are presenting. Have fun with it!